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Website Re-Sizing

Website Re-sizing

Is your website being punished by Google, for not automatically re-sizing for phones and tablets? If it doesn’t do this, then you are!

Most businesses are unaware that by not instantly re-sizing for tablets and smart phones, they will automatically rank lower on an organic Google search. Worse still, this even effect things like paid advertising, via Google Adwords. Even if you bid more per click than a rival business, if their site scores higher, you will pay more for each click than they will. In short, if your website was not specifically designed to automatically re-size, you are losing traffic, customers and ultimately revenue because of it. Luckily you can fix it right now, thanks to Trident Vision Media’s website re-sizing service.

Prices start from just £129.99 for one size change and £169.99 for two changes

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