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Making Content On A Budget
Blog: Top five tips for making content on a budget

You know you want it. You know you need it. Yet, there is a deep and nagging doubt. A stark reality, in fact. One that is preventing you from having the thing that you know your business truly needs to ‘stand out from the crowd in a digital age’. Sorry, I had to get that company tag line in there somewhere. I mean, what sort of new media marketer would I be if I didn’t, huh? Certainly not one that you’d wanting to reading advice from! I digress. That nagging doubt. That stark reality. Does having professionally produced video content feel a little out of your budget range?

Come on. We’ve all been there people. Well, fear not, because here are my Top Five Tips (notice my use of capitals to make it sound better than it is) for when producing video content on a budget…

Video: Top Five Tips for making great video content

Video content is good but great video content is better. As a company that took a YouTube show to national television on a major network, there are a few handy tips we can give you that will help make the very most of your video content.

Here are our Top Five Tips to Optimise Video Content.

The 33% Advantage
Audio: Free Sample chapter from ‘The 33% Advantage’
– The brand new book by Alex Shane

Enjoy this sample chapter from the brand new book ‘The 33% Advantage’ by Trident Vision Media Founder and Lead Consultant Alex Shane. The book illustrates 33 incredible tools, or advantages, that you can use, in order to get the very most out of your own new media marketing. This includes handy tips, video and audio examples and real life autobiographical accounts from Alex’s near twenty years of experience of marketing, promoting, advertising and new media content creation.

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