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Deluxe Website Package

This package is perfect for a business, project or person that wants a fully functional online shop or e-commerce system, built into an incredibly functional website. In short, this is your gateway to servicing your customers online, and having a fantastic digital shop window in the process. This 6-8 page website is completely bespoke, meaning that it is NOT simply using a generic template design, like other services you may have been offered. This means that these layout, colour schemes and features will be 100% specific for your targets and needs. It also won’t instantly scream out ‘this is a template’. In fact, our Deluxe Website Package will scream “You’ve spent money on your website, and it paid off”!

The Package Includes:

Website Design Packages - Deluxe

– 6 – 8 Page Website
* For example, these could be; Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Products and Services, Testimonials, Gallery, Terms and Conditions, and FAQ.

– Online Store and Payment Integration
* Have your own online store, servicing customers without you being present. This store will also be fully integrated into your business for online payments, allowing credit card and PayPal payments instantly.

– Logo Creation
* Regardless of whether you’re starting out and desire a brand new company logo, or you’re an established business with a logo, but wish to get bespoke graphic design work done for a new product or service, as part of your new website, this service comes free with our Deluxe Website Package.

– Email Set Up
* This allows you to set up email accounts, directly from your domain address. This could be info@yourdomain.com, contact@yourdomain.com, or even steve@yourdomain.com

– Social Media Integration
* This means direct links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel or Instagram account. These links can also include real time feeds, so that your social media updates go directly onto your website in real time, thus meaning you don’t have to upload them there manually.

**This price does not include the purchase of your domain and hosting. However, we are happy to do this for you at cost price, saving you time and money in the process.

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