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Audio Content

We all know the benefits of websites, social media and e-commerce. Are you ready to explore the next level of low cost, yet incredibly effective New Media presence? The answer is simply podcasts and audio content. They could turn around your business, create a rabid and expanding fan base, all with the utmost ease and convenience. If successful, they could even become businesses in their own right.

Here are five reasons that you should consider a podcast, or audio content…..

1) More regular and better quality engagement with you customers. By giving your customers a reason to visit you website (or wherever it is that you’re hosting this material), it allows them to spend more time with your brand in between their bouts of spending. Creating regular content that is not just geared towards SELLING nurtures a different sort of relationship with your customer. It opens the door of becoming a friend or even an adviser. You’re much more likely to share money with a friend. You’re more likely to listen to advice from an adviser.

2) It’s cheaper than buying advertising and increases your organic search ranking. By creating your own platform to sell your products, you no longer have to pay someone else to do it. Not only that, but, as discussed in the last point, your now closer business/customer relationships will make it considerably easier to sell to them, period. Plus, your site will actually score better with Google because of this type of regular, serialized content. As a result, it will make your site rank higher than your competition. In some cases, even if that competition is paying more than you, for Google advertising!

3) It can actually become its own separate stream of revenue. Whether the creator has either stumbled upon a formula for viral success (when your content is fully embraced by the Internet and shared to infinity) or because they have spent some serious time on building a large following, the capacity to make your podcast or blog separate revenue generation tools is inevitable. This does take time and is not for everyone, but that does not mean for one single, solitary second that it’s not possible for you to achieve.

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