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What We Do

At Trident Vision Media we believe that it is not just large corporations or established television institutions that should benefit from state of the art integrated media and marketing solutions in order to attract new customers, or to enable them to increase communication with existing ones. In a time when even the average person on the street uses some form of ‘new media’ such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, Trident Vision Media strives to offer you the very best value integral multimedia and marketing tools available, to help you increase awareness and communication for your project, service or business. From television programming to websites, podcasts to phone apps and YouTube videos to social media campaigns, TVM enables our clients to communicate their brand or business to their customers with complete ease and simplicity, thanks to our experienced team of consultants in the field of new media.

Who Are We?

Trident Vision Media is a unique organisation that not only creates and produces television programming for clients such as Sky TV but also provides its media knowledge and services to small businesses or media start ups, who wish to increase their current reach or portfolio at affordable prices. Our team of industry professionals have worked as consultants for some of the biggest media organisations in the world including BBC, MTV, ITV and many more.

They are here to offer you the type of expertise, consultancy and services that until recently were only ever available to big corporations, not small businesses and media start ups.

Our aim is to give our clients the most comprehensive yet affordable media and marketing solutions possible, in order to help them to increase awareness of their business, service or brand. Most importantly, we strive to do this in a way that is uniquely tailored to our client’s individual budgets and requirements.

Trident Vision Media Company Ethos

The Trident Vision Media Ethos is something that we strongly believe in as a company. We also believe that it is of value for our clients to understand too. This is why we have broken our business ethos into three simple and transparent principles.
Ethos - Value
Ethos - Community
Ethos - Innovation

Principle One: Value

How can Trident Vision Media offer us such good value compared to other companies doing the same thing?

Due to Trident Vision Media’s unique business model, we are able to offer our products and services at an extremely affordable rate to our clients and partners. We take out the huge overheads often associated with graphic design, advertising and marketing and get directly to the financial basics of each transaction.

With other companies your business is often being used to fund some expensive offices, cover a company’s own advertising costs and pay their expensive management staff. This is before any of the money you have paid even goes to the person who actually creates the service or product you ask for! At Trident Vision Media we do things differently. We partner with other businesses, thus massively reducing overheads on office and production space. We have our own successful television and digital media arm, which not only pays for our management team but also provides more promotion for the TVM brand than direct advertising alone could. Finally our team of experts personally mentor and train many of our product and service team from scratch, which leads to them reducing their cost for us in exchange for the practical experience and training we provided to them previously. This results in massively reducing the end price that they charge us for their services compared to both larger companies or individual sole traders in the same field. This in turn allows us to offer superb and in many cases, unbeatable value to our customers.

Principle Two: Community

How can building a strong sense of community actually increase a company’s financial returns?

At Trident Vision Media we believe that there is immeasurable strength in community. Whether it is community within our own Trident Vision Media team or community in the various niche markets we create media for.

We see the importance of creating a lasting and mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship with our partners. We understand that by helping the development and growth of an entire community, the benefits are greater for the individual elements within them in the long term. As a result, we are extremely passionate about allowing the people and businesses that we work with access to key tools, expert advice and affordable services. This allows them to develop and grow with us organically. We understand that by doing this, both our partners and we will continue to thrive for a far longer duration, together. This increases the number of referrals we receive creating new business relationships and gives our existing customers more resources to work with us in the future.

Principle Three: Innovation

What is the benefit to a business of spending such a large percentage of your time mentoring new team members?

We believe that necessity is the mother of invention. We believe that in times of financial turmoil, we have to use our creativity and ingenuity in order to overcome the potential obstacles that come with them.

This is why we work with a collection of experienced media professionals as well as young upstart media enthusiasts, in order to create an environment that is both structured and knowledgeable yet fresh and full of new ideas. At Trident Vision Media we have an open door policy, which has included national TV, in print and new media worldwide talent searches. This allows those who want to be mentored and nurtured by our industry insiders easy access to their experience and opens up a constantly fresh base of new talent. At the same time, Trident Vision as a collective benefits from the cross pollination of new ideas and vibrancy that comes from such a diverse group of people. By constantly nurturing new talent, it not only increases the depth of our team but as a result, it helps our industry experts and more experienced team members to benefit from being at the cutting edge of the next generation of ‘new media’ thought. This is the real secret to creating a constant stream of fresh ideas and a deeply embedded culture of cooperation and innovation.